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Corporate Resources

AFSIM and simulation and MDS

Frank Dunbar, MDS President
Mr. Dunbar is a founder and MDS President. As Chief Architect/Engineer, Technical Director, Design Authority or Engineer for Lockheed-Martin Corp, Mr. Dunbar has led and/or supported efforts concerning the USAF Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS), Army WIN-T, UK Ministry of Defense SkyNet5, DHS US-Visit and DHS SBI-NET. As Technical Director for the $6B Army WIN-T tactical, on-the-move communications system upgrade Mr. Dunbar lead the open-architecture conceptualization and design for the advanced technology IP network and associate battlefield enabling HW/SW components. Mr. Dunbar supported the Skynet 5, UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) program design authority activities for the next generation of MoD satellites, replacing  the existing Skynet 4 Stage 2 system. As Chief Architect/Engineer for US-VISIT led a team of engineering and business process professionals to develop and validate a complete end-state solution for the system; team worked from the relevant legislation and the team’s direct knowledge of the problem space to build the solution; developed and prototyped a design to the subsystem level that could perform the to-be business process and meet all US-VISIT desired business results; development of an operational Test Bed to demonstrate design feasibility and performance and to mitigate risks associated with the design. Mr. Dunbar served in the Army, stationed at the Pentagon, National Military Command System Support Center (NMCSSC).
M.S., Operations Research, George Washington University.

Michael L. Martin, MDS Executive Vice President (EVP), Business Development

Mr. Martin, an MDS founder and EVP,  has managed systems development programs for both DoD an NASA initiatives. Working with such primary integrators as SAIC, Northup Grumman, and Lockheed Martin Corp, he has been instrumental in the capture and program support for such efforts as the NASA TRMM Satellite Data Ground Systems Integration contract,  Air Force High Altitude Support program, and NIH Statistical Div global MIS initiative. He has over ten years of SOA/OO based systems programming experience, and, as a Scientist (Programmer/Analyst), was responsible for operations research, storage design and functional description tasks for the Army FORCEBUILDER Decision Support System, a secure AI/RDBMS project dealing with worldwide troop equipment and materials mobilizations He has participated in the design and implementation of  the Army IMAS systems, a multi use RDBMS in C, and FORTRAN. He has extensive experience with white paper development, formal briefings, proposal development, and corporate liaison proposal/teaming agreements. 

Studies in Computer Science and Economics, University of Maryland.

Don Fisher, Lead Scientist/Practice Lead

Mr. Fisher oversees MDS’ sensors modeling programs with AFRL focused on Future Air Dominance (FAD). Mr. Fisher possesses some 25+ years experience in design, development, and production of aerospace and defense products. He has expert proficiency in product architecture and integration, modeling and simulation, of components and systems. As Director of Engineering for DRS corporation, he managed over 50 engineers to meet annual revenue, utilization goals and program schedules. Work focused on IRAD; real-time 3-sensor hyperspectral imager for IED detection; systems architecture for a 500 MHz real-time spectrum analyzer capable of targeting low-probability-of-intercept SIGINT & COMINT signals. As Director of Engineering for ATK Aerospace, he directed capital expenditures of ~$3.5M annually and IR&D projects of ~$1.4M/yr; he developed real-time imaging hyperspectral system for detection/ identification of explosives, and led engineering team in development of a low observable navigational antenna for the B-2 platform. Areas of R&D and development include: IR/EO Cameras, Real-time Sensors (GPS/INS), DoDAF/Systems Architectures, Hyperspectral Imagers, Gimbals/Stabilized Platforms, Product Lifecycle Management, Solid State Lasers LADAR/LIDAR; and, Object Process Methodology.


M.S. Acoustics & Electro-Optics, Thesis: “Acousto-optical signal processing using partially coherent light”, Pennsylvania State University; B.S. Engineering Science & Mechanics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, (Blacksburg, Virginia). (Mr. Fisher holds over a dozen patents in the areas of: electro-optics, imaging, remote sensing, and optical communications.) (Mr. Fisher is trained in the AFSIM M&S framework)

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