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MDS has partnered with some of today’s leading systems engineering and research organizations on Air Force, Army and Navy programs. Areas of concern for initiatives include M&S, Cyber Analysis, Directed Energy Experimentation Plans, ISR Mission Engineering Support, Rapid Global Mobility Air Platform Resource/Energy-Fuel Modeling, and nuclear surety assessment of various ground and air assets.


Additionally, MDS has established a partnership with JESPLSoft Corp, to focus upon hypersonic systems GN&C, Denied GPS and SSA solutions for DoD and commercial clients. JESPLSoft brings some 25+ years of experience in Advanced Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) subsystems design, development, and implementation for a variety of programs with focus on hypersonic weapons, as well as SSA R&D and M&S. Areas of the firm's expertise cover  (1) Space based ISR; (2) multiple object detection and tracking for surveillance; (3) aerospace GN&C subsystems design and development; (4) rapid flight software prototyping via Simulink Model Based Design (MBD) auto-coding framework; (5) AI based software development and systems engineering; (6) Hypersonic GN&C technologies development; (7) GPS/INS & GPS Denied INS Algorithms and Software Development; and, (8) Transfer Alignment Filter design and development.

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