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AFSIM modeling and simulation and software

Founded in 2004, MDS is a multi-disciplined engineering firm offering the in-depth technical expertise and diverse knowledge of military objectives, protocols and environments necessary to ensure the effective, economical design and deployment of both tactical elements and enterprise modernizations. The firm’s engineers have been instrumental in the architectural theorizing, prototyping and subsequent hard-design activities for several of the most visionary armed forces communications, satellite and weapon efforts undertaken to date.  The firm currently supports or has supported such programs as the Navy NRL Code 7200 Remote Sensing, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Scientific/Management Advisory for Research and Technology (SMART), Kirtland AFB effort where MDS personnel provide engineering and management services for space based platforms, directed energy, and advanced optics for the US Air Force AFRL, HEL-JTO and ORS and NASA. Also, the Air Force Research of Aerospace Systems Technologies (RAST) program which encompasses a broad spectrum of R&D and supportive M&S activities focused on the development, maturation, assessment, and integration of aerospace vehicle technologies. The firm’s contracts also include the Air Force Global Strike Command Nuclear Command and Control Communications (NC3), Barksdale AFB program wherein MDS personnel provide in-depth system engineering, operational analysis and related Modeling and Simulation (M&S) of Air Force NC3 reliant environments.

Small Business

MDS has been rated by its customers in the 95th Percentile for Quality of Service;100% for Reliability*.


​• Currently Executing multiple Defense Priorities and Allocations System Program (DPAS) rated programs;

ITAR Compliant Company

DCMA/DCAA approved accounting systems

Program Locations:

​• WPAFB, AFRL Dayton (R&D/M&S/Sensors)

• Peterson AFB, CO, AFSPC, A9 (Space Ops)

• Huntsville, AL (Missile GNC M&S/Engineering)

• Hill/Hanscom AFBs (GBSD Launch Systems)

• Barksdale AFB (NC3, Nuclear Comm/Control)

• Kirtland AFB (Directed Energy Eng./Planning)

• Langley AFB (Hi-Alt ISR, ISR Mission Support)

• NASA Goddard (TRMM, EOS SAT)

 *D&B Independent Evaluation/2017

Advanced Framework for Simulation, Integration and

Modeling (AFSIM) AFSIM and air force

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